‘Obscenely priced books and journals, glacial timescales and limited formats’

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Times Higher Education – It’s time to put the point back into the pen of scholarly writing:

Obscenely priced books and journals, glacial timescales and limited formats are squeezing the life out of academic publishing …The problem is the near-complete disconnection of academic publishing from the rest of literary culture and the monomaniacal focus of the academy on only a limited range of publication formats… academic publications are often self-limiting due to their formats: crazily priced books that will be bought only by libraries; obscenely priced journals that are difficult to access; and protracted publishing timescales that limit contemporary relevance. Whether or not these limitations are economically inevitable (and I cannot for the life of me see why a publisher should deliberately produce books in formats that ensure exclusivity), the result is that academic publications are further ensconced in the ivory tower, regardless of their possible wider interest.

ALA 2010 report: significant spending on e-publications

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ALA | 2010 State of America’s Libraries Report released – Recession drives more Americans to libraries in search of employment resources; but funding lags demand:

  • Academic libraries added 20m e-books in 2008, bringing the total to about 102.5m – an increase of 59% in two years.
  • Expenditure on e- resources also increased, reported as rising from US$691.6m in fiscal year 2006 to $1bn in fiscal year 2008.
  • Google Editions

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    Good piece on Google Editions in Library Journal:

    Google Editions, Bookstore in the Cloud, Will Go Live By July – 5/6/2010 – Library Journal:

    UK Serials Group 2010 Summary

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    LiveSerials: Hannah Whaley’s UKSG summary: ”

    A number of themes started to recur through the sessions and discussions, as summarised:

  • Big deal bubble must burst, as it is unsustainable for many institutions
  • We must move further towards open access, but it is not yet clear how
  • Journal impact factor isn’t good enough anymore, we need to
    review the commentary and produce new ranking factors
  • Linked information is nearly here, allowing informal and pre-publish conversations to be viewed and measured in a structured way on the web
  • The age of the article is here, meaning metrics, usage and discoverability will increasingly be at article level rather than the ‘journal container’
  • Just-in-time must replace just-in-case, as no one can maintain a full array of items that may only occasionally be required
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