Oxford University Research Repository Recommendations

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Recommendations for an Oxford OA repository

Michael Fraser, Towards a Research Repository for Oxford University, version 1.1, January 23, 2006. Excerpt:

In 2005 the Digital Archiving Group, a working group of Oxford’s Information and Communication Technologies Committee (ICTC), suggested that a pilot project for the digital archiving of scholarly papers be developed. To support this suggestion, and to investigate the wider issues relating to eprints and institutional repositories, a workshop was organised on 10 June 2005 (see Programme in Appendix B). The purpose of the workshop was to investigate the opportunities and challenges of developing an open access institutional repository for research….

The following recommendations were either refined by or arose out of the workshop held on 10 June 2005. They relate to the establishment of an institutional research repository within an overall framework integrating scholarly communication and digital curation. These recommendations are intended to build upon, and bring into production, activities already being undertaken within the University (and further described below):

  1. To establish a scholarly communications forum or other appropriate cross-divisional body to investigate, evaluate, facilitate and raise awareness about new models and related issues for the production and dissemination of Oxford University scholarship.
  2. To develop supporting policies, guidelines and incentives to enable members of the research community to self-archive research publications within Oxford’s research repository, and in any case, to provide the infrastructure to enable grant-holders to comply with current or future open access policies of the Research Councils and other funding bodies.
  3. To establish an institutional research repository, led by OULS with support from OUCS and in consultation with and agreement of the academic divisions.
  4. To provide recurrent central funding from an appropriate source in order to support at least 2 FTE and the necessary hardware requirements.
  5. To make freely available the research output, across subject areas, of the University through provision of an open access repository.
  6. To investigate the appropriate and effective place of a research repository within the overall management of the institution’s research record, including bibliographic metadata and, where agreed, fulltext as part of RAE 2008.
  7. To provide support and guidance on intellectual property rights to ensure that researchers have the right to deposit research publications and, where appropriate, supporting data within an institutional research repository.
  8. To work in partnership with scholarly publishers to enable access to and the curation of Oxford’s research output.
  9. To ensure that the research repository conforms with any agreed institutional repository framework, including conformance with relevant open standards and active collaboration with other stakeholders involved in the development of institutional repository infrastructure or value-added services within the University.

(Via Open Access News.)

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